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Engraved Positive Cuff Bracelet
Engraved Positive Cuff Bracelet

Engraved Positive Cuff Bracelet

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Let this message cuff be a positive reminder to be mindful. You are present and aware of everyday. You never look back and look forward to all these experiences and moments for they are precious.

-Cuffs measure approx 6.5" with a 4 mm width
-Fully adjustable to fit most wrist sizes
-They are designed to be feminine yet durable 
-Made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel
-Use a microfibre, dry cloth to keep polished and clean
-Remove when using chemicals such as bleach, chlorine

To adjust,, make sure the bracelet is off your wrist. Encircle it with one hand firmly over the edge on one end of your bracelet and adjust by bending gently in to adjust smaller or out to adjust bigger and a little each time until desired fit. Follow these same guidelines for the opposite side.When adjusted properly, our message cuffs should not fall off.